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Joint Commission Accredited

How did Global Medical and Health Services, Baltimore. earn a reputation for quality care? We simply took in the best people we can find. We looked for home health care professionals and took them under our company. Today, we are known for quality care because of our quality care team.

We believe that when your support system is strong, you adapt better to changes in your health. You may even speed up your recovery or make a smoother transition into old age. At Global Medical and Health Services, Baltimore, we strengthen your support system and provide quality home health management to help you achieve wellness at home. We are able to do this through our people – a staff of dedicated nurses, therapists, and home health care practitioners who have your best health at heart.

Our dedicated staff comes with years of experience and a wealth of knowledge. Our staff members are care experts who are well-supervised to ensure compliance.

Global Medical and Health Services, Baltimore assembles the best high tech RNs, Nurse Practitioners, Medical Doctors and Physical Therapist who are actively serving in the areas of Teaching and Training.