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Joint Commission Accredited

These are the comprehensive list of services offered by Global Medical & Health Services:

  • Residential Private Duty Shift Nursing Pediatrics
  • Residential Skilled Nursing Care, Assessment, and Physical Therapy Adult.
  • Home Care and Visits
  • Physical Therapy
  • 24 Hour Staff Availability
  • Mom and Baby Well Visits (Assistance for New Mothers and Infant CPR and First Aid)
  • Care for Medically Fragile Kids
  • CPR Training
  • Wound Care/Wound Dressing with the use of V.A.C® (Vacuum Assisted Closure) Therapy System
  • Post-Operative follow-up visits and care including removal of stitches, staples, drainage tube
  • Emergency Procedure Training
  • Staffing facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, correctional institutes with Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants, Geriatric Nursing Assistants, Certified Medicine Aides, etc.
  • Temporary Nurse Staffing for Nursing Homes, Doctors Clinics, Juvenile/Correctional Institutions, etc.
  • Staffing for Contract Research Organization (CRO).
  • Diabetic Monitoring/Diabetic Care
  • Hypertensive monitoring and care
  • Medication Technician Training Program (MTTP), approved by the MBON and DDA for prospective DDA unlicensed staff personnel
  • CPR/First Aid/AED training for medical and allied professionals and the workplace
  • Licensing Consultation and Administrative Management of license related systems

We accept and are a proud provider for:

  • Maryland Medicaid
  • REM
  • Homelinks
  • Maryland Physician Care
  • CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield
  • Private payment and other Private Insurance

At Global Medical and Health Services our specialty is in the provision of skilled nursing care. Pediatric nursing is one of our specialties. It is our passion. Our Residential Private Duty Nursing Service as evidenced in our Pediatrics Department is unique to Global Medical and Health Services This include:

  • Care of Medically Fragile kids on: Ventilator Management, Tracheostomy Care, Colostomy/Ileostomy Care, Gastrostomy/Gastro-Jejunostomy Care,
  • Care of medically fragile kids on Apnea Monitor, C-PAP, Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN), etc.
  • We provide post-operative surgical care including removal of stitches, removal of staples, wound care, drainage tube care
  • Wound care and dressing with the use of Vacuum Assisted Closure (VAC).
  • We also provide Physical Therapy in rehabilitation services to the residents of Maryland in the comfort of their homes.

Global Medical and Health Services provides CRA Training program. Training in the Medication Technician Training Program (MTTP) for certification as a Certified Medication Technician (CMT) to prospective DDA participants. To register for the 20 hours class or the 4 hours re-certification class, please go to our convenient “CONTACT US” tab and follow the instructions to register your interest and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.

Other Trainings include CPR/First-Aid/AED for the workplace, medical and allied professionals. To register for CPR/First Aid/AED training or your emergency CPR training, please go to our convenient “CONTACT US” tab and follow the instructions to register your interest and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.

GMHS, LLC Contracts With:

  • Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS), Department of Special Education Services, in the provision of Private Duty Nursing Services to students with disabilities.
  • Baltimore City Public Schools (BCPS), in the delivery of Private Duty Nursing Services to students with disabilities including juvenile diabetes monitoring and administration of insulin.
  • Harford County Public Schools in the provision of one to one skilled nursing care for medically fragile students of Harford County Public Schools system.
  • Associated Catholic Charities, Inc. in the delivery of Registered Nurse skilled nursing services.
  • Mt Washington Pediatric Health System, Inc. A jointly owned corporate affiliate of The University of Maryland Medical System and The Johns Hopkins Health System.
  • TESST College of Technology, Baltimore Campus in the provision of internship training program for the students.

Coming Soon!!!

  • CNA/Dialysis Techs
  • GNA
  • Phlebotomy Technician
  • Pharmacy Technicians
  • EKG Technician

Global Medical and Health Services has a standard of excellence when it comes to the provision of Skilled Nursing Care and Physical Therapy services. Our comprehensive approach to the care of the medically fragile kids is tailored to meet your specific needs so that you can rest comfortably at night.

Call us at 410-486-0516 for a complete list or if you have specific questions about what you’ve seen on our website.